Samuel Bradford, Jr., aka “Sam Heat,” is President and CEO of Reel 2 Real Entertainment. He has been deep into the music scene since 1997. Sam Heat, known in the early to mid-’90s as DJ Nemesis.


Sam Heat started as a DJ, songwriter, and concert band musician. In 1999, Sam Heat released his first in-store DJ album, “Off the Chain Vol.1.” Before that, he released various local mixtapes. At this point, Sam Heat decided to put his songwriting skills and knowledge of musical instruments to use. Along with his people skills and technological awareness, Sam Heat began producing, recording, mixing, and mastering. Sam Heat has continued to develop his skills and related knowledge while producing and managing young artists. Sam Heat managed and developed platinum-selling producers as well as Emmy-nominated producers and songwriters. Sam Heat briefly worked in radio promotion, helping to break national artists into DJ networks.

Growing up on the North Side of St. Louis, Sam Heat has had his share of hard times. These situations have played an intricate role in making him the assertive businessman that he is today. Thru all of Sam Heats’ trials and tribulations, he managed to attain his Masters’s degree in business administration and information systems.